international presentation skills

When you are a non-native speaker, there are many reasons you may not feel confident when delivering a presentation:

  • Your presentation is in English, but you are thinking in your native language.
  • You are anxious about your grammar or pronunciation.
  • You are self-conscious of your accent.
  • You are concerned that your audience may not fully comprehend what you are saying.

As a communication consultant and speech pathologist, I have worked with many international professionals who need to deliver important business presentations. Our one-on-one coaching for the Non-Native Speaker includes learning skills such as:

  1. Using your accent to really work to your advantage
  2. Preparing your presentation and how to practice
  3. Using effective cadence and pacing in your speech
  4. Good projection techniques
  5. Use of correct articulation
  6. Showing your passion and energy
  7. Effective body language and eye contact

As a non-native speaker, these skills will help you become a very effective communicator. After our coaching sessions, you will have the confidence and clarity to deliver any speech in English.

If you have any questions about our International Presentation Skills training, call us today at 404-861-5559 or contact us. We would love to hear from you and help you with your specific public presentation needs.