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Speakstyles is a communication coaching company dedicated to helping individuals and organizations excel through effective authentic communication.

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Communication Skills
Improve communication skills to advance your career.

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Presentation Skills
Conveying confidence, authenticity and connecting with an audience is critical for a successful presentation.

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Interview Skills
Learn and practice the key skills to successful interviewing.

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International Presentation Skills
An effective one-on-one coaching for non-native English speakers.

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Accent Modification
Coaching to modify an accent helping you to be better understood in conversational English.

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“I highly recommend Speakstyles for communication coaching. I work in a financial environment in which I need to effectively communicate complex transactions to committees, in person and via teleconference. Speakstyles evaluated my existing communication skills, then provided individualized coaching to increase the effectiveness of articulating concepts in presentations. One of the many coaching tools I was provided was to be able to succinctly respond to questions during and after committee meetings. The coaching gave me confidence and I continue to use and hone the principles I was provided. My colleagues noticed improvement in my communication after a few sessions. I cannot recommend Speakstyles enough.”

Stephen Arnold, Investment Vice President
Prudential Capital Group – Commercial Asset Finance

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How do you come across when you communicate?

Today’s fast-paced and challenging world demands effective communication. You must speak clearly, listen carefully, and make your point successfully in a variety of settings.

While it's helpful to learn from great communicators around you, what works for one person does not always work for another. In the end, you need to develop your own authentic style.

  • Do you know what makes your communication style unique?
  • How can you best use your energy and style to connect well with others?
  • How do you build on strengths and discover what areas may need some work?
  • Do you think about what you want to happen and how to make it happen when you communicate?
  • Do you know how to get your point across succinctly in a meeting?

My One-On-One Communication Coaching will give you the tools you need to better communication in all settings.

The Speakstyles mission is authenticity. Authenticity in communication involves knowing your communication style.

  • Learn how to present effectively using your own style of gestures, tone, words, and vocal quality.
  • Communicate in a business setting with assertiveness and honesty.
  • Connect on a professional level through productive dialogue.

Speakstyles coaching and workshops will help you gain eye-opening insights and learn new ways to harness your authentic communication style.

Read about my 4-step process that can take you out of the emotional state of upset that inhibits your ability to effectively communicate.

What Does Communication Coaching Involve?

You may have some questions concerning our coaching services and we can certainly answer them for you!

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